Baby Teeth Crowns

Placing baby teeth crowns are a procedure to strengthen and protect a child’s weak tooth.

What are baby teeth crowns?

A crown is also called a “full cap”. We, place the full cap on a baby tooth to protect it from breaking. Crowns can be white for front teeth and white or stainless steel metal for the back teeth.

Babies have a thin tooth structure consisting of thin enamel and dentin. Compared to adults, the nerve chamber or pulp in babies is proportionately larger.

Decay in a baby tooth generally spreads fast because of the thin enamel. If there is a cavity, it will become weak and start to break. If the hole is small, we can place a filling but if it is large, a crown is the best option. Dental crown will make the tooth strong and last a long time. Please consult your local dentist to find out the best treatment option for your child or baby.

Reasons to make a crown on baby teeth

  •  Improving the chewing function of a weak tooth– if the tooth breaks or gets damaged it may cause pain and discomfort when chewing.
  • To improve speech – if there is a gap in between teeth, a child can lose sound through space. A crown will close the gap.
  • To improve the look of their smile and facial appearance.
  • Maintaining the space until the adult or permanent teeth come through. Back teeth always try to move forward, creating a lack of space in the front. When a permanent tooth comes through, there is not enough room for it to erupt. This will result in crooked teeth or the tooth may not come through at all.
Stainlees steel baby teeth crown inserted by bendigo dentist
Metal tooth crown for back teeth for child’s tooth

Types of crowns for baby teeth

  1. Metal crown –    Commonly called stainless steel caps. These are strong and mainly placed on back teeth.
  2. White crown – We make these from white filling or composite filling and mainly use it in the front tooth.

What care should I take for dental crowns?

Brushing including the gum margin and proper flossing regularly is important. This will help to prevent kids getting cavities at the gum margin.

Regular dental check-ups are essential for the maintenance of good oral health.