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Gum Disease – Causes and Prevention

Gum disease is a very common disease found in the mouth.  If you ignore, it will become complicated, and ultimately you may lose the tooth.  But you can easily prevent and avoid it. Gum disease is found mainly in adults.  Nearly half of the world’s adult population is affected. According to the World Health Organisation

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Child is showing the sore tooth to bendigo dentist

Toothache – How to stop and prevent tooth pain

Toothache can cause you grief.  At times they can be extremely painful and unbearable. Everyone encounters pain in the tooth at some point in their life, but most people don’t know how to avoid a sore tooth. There are different ways you may be able to prevent toothache.  This information will help you to protect

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Boy and girl showing their missing teeth in the mouth

If the tooth is knocked out..

What would you do? Unfortunately, unexpected accidents can happen and your tooth can get knocked out. The most common situation in which you may knock your teeth out is playing contact sports and accidents. Other common circumstances where you can knock your teeth out or fracture the teeth are skateboarding, falling over, car accidents, bicycle accidents

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Female dentist bendigo holding the dental light

Dental Infection Control Procedures

Bendigo dentists and dental staff understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. The Australian Dental Association and Dental Board of Australia set regulatory standards and guidelines for infection control. Therefore all staff and dentists at our practices strictly comply with these guidelines. In addition, our staff regularly undergo infection control training.

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Child shows brushing technique

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CBDS)

Is Your Child Eligible? The government announced the Medicare Children Dental Scheme (CDBS) on 1 January 2014. This scheme supports families with their children’s dental care. It provides children aged 2 -17 access to benefits for a range of essential dental services. The CDBS provides up to $1000.00 to each child for basic services. Your

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