Emergency Dentist

Our Bendigo emergency dentist provides dental treatment and pain relief for the whole family. We have emergency appointments available each day to help with unexpected problems such as toothaches, a knocked out tooth or other dental injuries.

One of the key signs of dental problems is a toothache or dental abscess. Toothaches may become more severe over time and it is hard for patients to know how to get rid of a toothache. That’s where Bendigo Dental Group dentists can help. If you are in pain or need an urgent dental treatment, please call us to see how we can assist you. We welcome new patients as well as our valued existing patients.

What are the signs or indications for a dental emergency appointment?

1. Ear pain or a headache if you have a severe toothache, the pain can radiate to your ear and head.

2. Difficulty opening your mouth – the infection can spread into your muscle around the sore tooth area and limit muscle movement.

3. Pain while chewing – pain caused by infection under the root can be triggered when chewing.

4. Difficulty speaking – the infection can spread to the tongue and throat area and limit the movement of these muscles.

5. Severe gum pain – infection in the gum can create pressure which irritates the pain nerve fibers.

6. Severe sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks – the exposed nerves in the tooth and root stimulate the pain fibers and cause discomfort.7. Dental trauma Fractured tooth while playing sports, involving in a fight or in accidents etc…

Lady with toothache waiting to see emergency dentist

Additionally, a broken tooth or a dislodged filling that falls out unexpectedly can cause problems. The sharp edges may cut your tongue and cheek. If left untreated a broken tooth can cause ulcers and infection.

After a while, the tooth will become infected. Taking a dental x-ray will show the infected area in the picture. If infected, you have to do either root canal treatment or extract the tooth.

An accident that involves a knock on your teeth may also require urgent attention. It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible if you have had any trauma to your face, mouth or teeth.

How our emergency dentist can help?

Our experienced Bendigo emergency dentist has been providing a complete range of dental services to the Cohuna and Bendigo communities for over 14 years. We use the latest techniques and innovations to provide you and your family the best treatment. Our dentists enjoy treating the whole family and provide treatment for all ages including children’s dental treatment under child dental benefit scheme.

If you need a regular appointment, please contact our reception staff. If you are nervous we can provide dental treatment under happy gas (Laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide).

If you need an urgent appointment, please give our clinic a call. We are happy to help you.

If you call outside our working hours, we will return your call as soon as possible and fit you in as soon as we can. We might also be able to provide urgent weekend care, subject to the availability of the dentist and staff.